A photographic journey in Egypt guided and nurtured by an intense study of the Myth and the symbolic language of sacred architecture and sacred geometry combined with the art of analog photography #Sculpture of Light
Pyramids Saqqarah The Sphinx Heliopolis
Ipet Sout Quadrature User-Maât-Re
Osiris's Caves Contemplatio Ta Dehent
Thebes of the hundred gates Amdouat


    Behold me, cast your gaze on me, o my son Tuthmose. It is I, your father Harmakhis-khepri-Re-Atum, who will give to you my kingdom here on earth at the  head of the living ... See, my condition is that of a suffering being, as my entire body is in a state of ruin. The sand of the desert on which I stand has encroached upon me. I hasten to entrust to you the realization of what is in my heart, for I know that you are my son, my protector. Approach, see, I am with you, it is I who am your guide.







Brussels Belgium 
©2018 Karoline Amaury