A photographic journey in Egypt guided and nurtured by an intense study of the Myth and the symbolic language of sacred architecture and sacred geometry combined with the art of analog photography #Sculpture of Light
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    Osiris Caves                   Echo’s of Light

Light as gravity         

From a raised stone to a geometrical complex construction, sacred architectures are built to dialogue with light.

Connecting with the spirit of earth and the spirit of the sky.

  "Querert , the Book of Caverns"

The Book of Caverns is an important Ancient Egyptian netherworld book of the New Kingdom; The Book describes the journey of the sun god (Ra) from the western horizon to the eastern horizon through the underworld, the divine creatures that he meets and his interaction with them.

 The Theban Mountain turns here at the edges of the world as a place of the Origin.   It is a place of contemplation, a realm of intuitive reflection, occasioning a journey inward.

 I photographed with an ancient optical device call a pinhole camera that I made myself.                                                                      A pinhole camera is a simple black box, a camera with a tiny circular aperture instead of a lens. Inside the camera there is a negative or photosensitive paper which receive the direct straight light from the Sun. The exposure time is a fraction of a second.                     The pinhole photographies of the sun are  taken in six different caves marked on their outside with ancient egyptian graffiti.           They are located in the Thebes Sacred Mountain /West Bank Luxor. The caves have that particularity of having a zenithal aperture. 

Photographs were taken the day of the summer solstice, at noon, when the light of the sun at his zenith enters the cave. I did this on three different years during the summer solstice .



Brussels Belgium 
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