A photographic journey in Egypt guided and nurtured by an intense study of the Myth and the symbolic language of sacred architecture and sacred geometry combined with the art of analog photography #Sculpture of Light
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 The pyramids affirm the faith in a One and only God, indefinable and eternal, Neter of Neters:

He whose name is hidden, He who has no limits, the incomprehensible.

 In Heliopolis, the Innu of the North, the creative act is revealed with the appearance of Toum(or Atum).  Toum will next bring into the world the divine Ogdoade, which, with him, will form the Great Ennead. 

 O Great Ennead of Neters in Heliopolis, Toum, Shou, Tefnut, Geb, Nut, Osiris, Isis, Seth, Nephthys  which Toum brings into the world by projection of his heart,  as his own birth, in your name of the “Nine Bows"   none of you is separated from Toum.     (Pyramid Texts 1655)

 It is said of Atoum:      He who was born in the Nu, when heaven had not yet become, when earth had not yet become,  when the two supports [Shou and Tefnut] had not yet become, before the Neters were born, before death had become, before there had become the quarrel. . . the voice, anger, and slander. . .  before the Eye of Horus had been put out, before Seth’s testes were severed.                                                                                                 (Pyramid Texts 1040 and 1463-66)

 Such is the Mystery of Creation.  

 Heliopolis gives the entire metaphysics of the cosmic opus, all the bases on which the sensorial world will be grounded to become accessible to human intelligence.



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