A photographic journey in Egypt guided and nurtured by an intense study of the Myth and the symbolic language of sacred architecture and sacred geometry combined with the art of analog photography #Sculpture of Light
Pyramids Saqqarah The Sphinx Heliopolis
Ipet Sout Quadrature User-Maât-Re
Osiris's Caves Contemplatio Ta Dehent
Thebes of the hundred gates Amdouat


THE  ARCHITECTS  OF  LIGHT               EGYPT          TA-MERI


"Experience proves the truth, makes it certain and chases the lie"



The essence of my art is to enter into the dimension of the invisible.

My photographs are witnesses of a ‘Here and Know’ experience of ancient Egypt.

I witness the temples not only as repositories for their teaching but as embodiments of an enduring transmission sanctifying them for eternity.”

Light as gravity, light as a prayer. At the core of my work is the exploration of light, an intrinsic component of existence.

My fascination with the phenomena of Light is intimately connected to my inward search for the mankind’s place in the universe. 

From a raised stone to a geometrical complex construction, sacred architectures are built to dialogue with light.

Connecting with the spirit of earth and the spirit of the sky.

“Ta Meri” means: The earth GEB be loving (attracting) the sky NUT - and- The beloved land.   It is one of the ancient name of the land of Egypt


 I allow light to guide me; it turns a key in the Temple.

It seems like a living force vibrating and playing on the carved stones and leading me through a form of interiorization.

 Each photograph is a reservoir of energy; it reveals something of our own cosmic bound.      The Spirit of life remains in Light !


Brussels Belgium 
©2018 Karoline Amaury